PFlow Inverter Pool Pump

Product Features

Among all the inverter pool pumps Aquagem supplies, PFlow inverter pool pump is the one of the quietest pool pump and most efficient pool pump in the swimming pool industry. This inverter pool pump is used in both above ground pool and inground swimming pool.


Pool pump inverter technology is known for its quiet and energy saving performance. Powered by Aquagem’s Unique InverSilence technology, PFlow inverter pool pump is one of the quietest inverter pool pump in industry.


- Powered by InverSilence Tech

- 1st touch screen control model

- Built-in timer

- External control optional (RS485, Digital etc)

Product Detail


PFlow Inverter Pool Pump 01

For decades, to fulfill heavy duties like backwash, people have to constantly endure a high noise over 70 dBA (@1m) from their oversized pool pump. According to scientific research, above 60 dBA is already the noisy range, long-term in the environment of more than 70 dBA, people would feel upset, distracted, and hearing nerve can suffer a certain extend of damage especially to children.

To overcome this dilemma, since 2017, Aquagem has been dedicating to develop a solution. Finally in 2020, InverSilence Technology is successfully launched, the first core technology in pump application addressing noise.

Aquagem's InverSilence Technology generates 16,000 calculations per second, precisely controlling each core component and the motor for optimal silent performance.

20 Times quieter at full capacity

Equipped with InverSilence Technology, PFlow is 20 times quieter than other pumps in the market.
Down to 36.6 dB(A) @ 1m
PFlow Inverter Pool Pump is 20times quieter at full capacity

Rapid payback within 1.5 years

Thanks to the InverSilence Technology, the PFlow pump consumes less energy than other pumps. You could get a rapid payback within 1.5 years.
PFlow Inverter Pool Pump rapid payback within 1.5 years